Sleepy Hollow, Season 2, Episode 3 Recap!

Check out my recap on Sleepy Hollow's third episode, "The Root of All Evil." This week the show scales back the spectacle as Ichabod and Abbie go after a more subtle threat: a coin that can reveal the darkness inside a person. Our heroes must battle for one soul at a time as they try to capture the coin and stop this outbreak of violence as their war against Moloch becomes more familial. 

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Dude's List Updated!

Hey there!

A new Dude's List has been published on This time around I proffer 11 of the Unsexiest Halloween Costume ideas. See if this sparks any creativity for your Halloween plans.

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Ask A Dude Updated!

Check out my latest weekly "Ask A Dude" column on! This week I weigh in on a woman who's contemplating taking things personal with a professional colleague...Actually, it's her boss! Good idea? Bad idea? Read to find out.

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I'm Recapping "How To Get Away With Murder"!

Hey there! Well, another show I get to watch and share some thoughts, observations, ideas, and fan fic suggestions about, Shonda Rhimes' newest exec produced effort: How To Get Away With Murder

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FINALLY, Comics Unfiltered Has Come!

Comics Unfiltered has arrived here on Our first offering has Matthew joined by special guest, Rebecca Jane Stokes, to discuss whether FOX's Batman prequel show, "Gotham" delivered the goods in its pilot episode!

You can find the video on the homepage, in the drop down menu under the "Blogs" tab and keep yours eyes open for updates on the NEW Comics Unfiltered section of the "Articles" page.

Just getting bigger and bigger, day by day. 

Reviews and Recaps Have Arrived!

A new addition on (plenty more to come)! Check out my Reviews and Recaps page which you'll find in the Articles section of the site. You'll find weekly TV, comics, and even film articles about the most anticipated movies, shows, and new releases around. 

The first review is featured on for the season 2 premiere of FOX's genre smash, Sleepy Hollow. Check it out!